Set of 3 Megalodon teeth - 3D frame - "Legendary Shards" - 3D frame - (US)

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'Legendary Shards' a unique set of Megalodon teeth from the US. We present these magnificent teeth in a beautiful 3D frame. We have included the sizes of the teeth in our text. These beautiful teeth come in the colours: grey and blue.

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Product description

Set of 3 Megalodon teeth - 3D frame - "Legendary Shards" - 3D frame - (US)

These Megalodon teeth were found in the US - in 2022. These Megalodon teeth feature beautiful blue, blue/grey and grey colours and are also presented in a beautiful gift box. The teeth have managed to retain their beautiful shapes, over millions of years. The teeth are a perfect gift to give to the collector in your family, the loved one you want to surprise or maybe even as a birthday present. These teeth are still beautifully coloured and a true collector's item in a beautiful jacket.

  • Megalodon teeth dimensions:
    Blue: 7.1 cm - (2.80 inches)
    Blue/grey: 6.9 cm - (2.72 inches)
    Grey: 6.3 cm - (2.48 inches)

  • Scientific name: Otodus Megalodon;

  • Age: NEOGEEN (2.58-23.03 million years);

  • Condition: natural;

  • Provenance: USA;

  • Total weight of teeth: 104 grams;

  • Where found: in a river;

  • Year of discovery: 2022.

Important: This Megalodon tooth is 100% natural.

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Why is a Megalodon tooth so special?

The Megalodon is an ancient and extinct species of shark that ruled our oceans millions of years ago. The Megalodon was an Apex predator and had few or no equals. Below, we would like to give some reasons why a Megalodon tooth is so special:

  1. History and mystery: This titan lived between 23 million years and 3.6 million years ago and was the sole ruler of our oceans. Megalodon's magnificent teeth are the only fossils that have survived from this unique animal. This makes Megalodon teeth not only rare as the only surviving fossil but also impressive.

  2. Size: Megalodon teeth are the largest compared to any other shark species. significantly larger than those of any other shark species. The average length of a Megalodon tooth is between 12 and 18 cm. They are also incredibly sharp with beautiful serrated edges, indicating their destructive bite.

  3. Value of a Megalodon tooth: A Megalodon tooth is very popular among fossil collectors and scientists. This is because Megalodon teeth are rare, even though we are currently finding so many of them. The rarity is mainly due to the fact that a tooth is the only physically tangible thing from this shark species.

How can you be sure that your purchased Megalodon tooth is real?

Besides the fact that we at only buy from divers and miners, we also issue a certificate with each tooth. This certificate (Certificate of Authentication) ensures that we can say with certainty that the tooth we sell is actually a real tooth. Of course, there are several ways to tell whether a tooth is real or fake. We would like to give you some tips on how to recognise a real tooth:

  1. Size: Megalodon teeth vary between 4 cm and 19 cm. In addition, in some cases Megalodon teeth are restored, as a result the root may be slightly larger and the tooth may also feel lighter. This does not mean that the tooth is fake. The tooth is just 100% real, however, something has broken off during mining or surfacing. To still restore the tooth to its full glory, often the root and very occasionally the enamel are restored.

  2. Colour: Megalodon tooth colours range from black, grey, red to really rare white. In addition, the tooth can even have a blue tint. The colour of the tooth is determined by the minerals in the soil in which it is found.

  3. Origin: Our teeth come exclusively from the United States or Indonesia. These teeth are found in places where it has been scientifically proven that many Megalodon once swam here.

Expand your collection with a Megalodon tooth

Owning a Megalodon tooth offers an exceptional opportunity to get a piece of prehistory in your hands. The Megalodon tooth is a beautiful, rare and valuable fossil. In addition, these teeth are a unique addition to any collection and a wonderful opening for a conversation topic.

A perfect gift for lovers of prehistory

A Megalodon tooth is a perfect gift for any fossil collector and for anyone fascinated by the history of our earth. Make your friends and family intensely happy with a wonderful prehistoric gift.

Order your Megalodon tooth today

Order your favourite tooth today at and add a valuable piece of prehistory to your collection. In addition, be amazed by this magnificent titan. You will be amazed by the strength and beauty of these unique fossils.


Specifications for: Set of 3 Megalodon teeth - 3D frame - "Legendary Shards" - 3D frame - (US)

  • Length Blue: 7.1 cm - (2.80 inches) - Blue/grey: 6.9 cm - (2.72 inches) - Grey: 6.3 cm - (2.48 inches)
  • Location Indonesia
  • Year of discovery 2020
  • Weight Total weight of teeth: 104 grams;
  • Colour Grey
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  • Age Neogene (2.58-23.03 million years)
  • Latin name Otodus Megalodon

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with Certificate

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    Set of 3 Megalodon teeth - 3D frame - "Legendary Shards" - 3D frame - (US)

    Set of 3 Megalodon teeth - 3D frame - "Legendary Shards" - 3D frame - (US)

    € 219,95