'Black/Brown' Polished megalodon tooth "Old Scroll" (US) - 11.2 cm (4.41 inches)

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A beautifully polished Megalodon tooth from the US, taken from a Megalodon pup. This tooth has a length of 11,2 cm (4,41 inch). The polishing brings out beautiful colours and shapes.

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Product description

'Black/Brown' Polished megalodon tooth "Old Scroll" (US) - 11.2 cm (4.41 inches)

This extraordinary and polished 11.2 cm (4.41 inch) Megalodon tooth was found in the US, Florida - in 2021. The megalodon tooth was then polished, revealing beautiful minerals from the tooth. So, for many, a special addition. The fossil tooth comes from a giant Megalodon shark pup (Otodus Megalodon) that could grow as much as 20 metres long and weigh 60,000 kilos.

This Megalodon tooth has bright colours. This tooth comes from a Megalodon pup that was already several metres bigger at birth. In fact, these animals were as large as an adult great white at birth.

Important: This Megalodon tooth is 100% authentic. The tooth has been polished.

Megalodon teeth are virtually the only fossils found of this magnificent species, and those teeth speak volumes.

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  • Megalodon tooth size: 11,2 cm (4,41 inch);

  • Scientific name: Otodus Megalodon;

  • Age: NEOGEEN (2.58-23.03 million years);

  • Condition: polished;

  • Origin: Florida, USA;

  • Weight: 126 grams;

  • Where found: in the sea;

  • Year of discovery: 2021.

The meaning of "Megalodon

Megalodon' has a short but very clear meaning: 'Big Teeth'. The oldest teeth ever found date back 20 million years. The largest Megalodon tooth ever found was no less than 19 centimetres in size. Because no complete fossilised bones have been found apart from the teeth, this species was given the name 'Megalodon', which also means: 'Big Teeth'.


Specifications for: 'Black/Brown' Polished megalodon tooth "Old Scroll" (US) - 11.2 cm (4.41 inches)

  • Length 11,2 cm (4,41 inch)
  • Location Florida, VS
  • Year of discovery 2021
  • Weight 126 gram
  • Colour Black/Brown
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  • Age Neogene (2.58-23.03 million years)
  • Latin name Otodus Megalodon

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    'Black/Brown' Polished megalodon tooth "Old Scroll" (US) - 11.2 cm (4.41 inches)

    'Black/Brown' Polished megalodon tooth "Old Scroll" (US) - 11.2 cm (4.41 inches)

    € 319,95