Ethiopian Welo Opaal Smoked - "Sacred Orbs" - (6.0x6.0x3.6 mm - 3.58 karaat) - POC-0333

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This beautifully unique set of opals 'POC-0333' feature an eccentric palette of colours. For instance, you will find blue, orange, red, green, purple and yellow. Together, these Ethiopian opals boast a weight of 3.58 carats.

Dazzling: A beautiful opal with wonderful colours!

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Product description

Ethiopian Welo Opaal Smoked - "Sacred Orbs" - (6.0x6.0x3.6 mm - 3.58 karaat) - POC-0333

This beautiful opal, found in Ethiopia, displays an unprecedented colour palette. This mysterious opal is a must have for any collection. The deep and bright colours make the opal not only mysterious but also rare. As you can see in the picture, the opal has a beautifully smooth appearance with distinct colours.

  • Finest colour grade: Natural Opal, POC-0333;

  • Carat: 3.58 carats;

  • Colour: orange, blue, green and yellow;

  • Shape: Cabochon;

  • Dimensions: 6.0x6.0x3.6 mm;

  • Clarity: Opaque;

  • Cut quality: Polished Opal, amazing quality;

  • Origin: Ethiopia, Welo;

  • Treatment: Smoked.

Nice to know: did you know that opals are a lot rarer than diamonds?

These photos are real and unedited. It's a beautiful snapshot of this opal.

What is a cut smoked opal?

Polished smoked opal is known for its deep colours and the impressive play of light it holds. The smoked treatment of the opal enhances its natural colours, so the palette ranges from vibrant greens and blues to warm oranges and reds. These colours come together in a hypnotic play of light that makes the cut opal one of the most coveted gemstones on the market.

The deep colours and unique patterns of smoked opals

One of the most striking features of smoked opals are the beautiful deep colours that smoked opals display. This is mainly because the colours stand out perfectly against the dark background. Besides the colours, you will also see the most unique patterns in smoked opals with great regularity. These patterns and colour games give each opal its own character and identity. No two stones are the same, which is what makes them so incredibly special and sought-after by collectors.

Add this cut smoked opal to your collection

If you are looking for a gemstone that will amaze you with its deep colours and mesmerising play of light, this cut smoked opal is the perfect choice. Add this rare and breathtaking gemstone to your collection and experience the beauty and luxury of this opal.


Specifications for: Ethiopian Welo Opaal Smoked - "Sacred Orbs" - (6.0x6.0x3.6 mm - 3.58 karaat) - POC-0333

  • Length 6.0x6.0x3.6 mm
  • Weight 3.58 carats
  • Colour full of colour
  • Location Ethiopia
  • Year of discovery 2020

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with Certificate

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    Ethiopian Welo Opaal Smoked - "Sacred Orbs" - (6.0x6.0x3.6 mm - 3.58 karaat) - POC-0333

    Ethiopian Welo Opaal Smoked - "Sacred Orbs" - (6.0x6.0x3.6 mm - 3.58 karaat) - POC-0333

    € 44,99