Small teeth | 4-7 cm (14)

In this category you will find the small Megalodon teeth. These teeth are the most common but still fantastic collector's items. These teeth add a wonderful value and story to your collection.


Small teeth | 4-7 cm

What does the word 'Megalodon' mean?

Megalodon' stands for 'Big Teeth', which is actually a very short and clear meaning, and the first teeth found and examined by scientists date back about 20 million years. The search for Megalodon teeth and any other evidence and fossils continues today. It is safe to say that a huge number of teeth have been found. This means that the Megalodon used to roam the oceans in large numbers. The nice thing about the finds, and therefore also the most interesting, is that almost all of them were made in warmer waters. This tells us that the Megalodon mainly preferred the warm waters.

The invincible Megalodon

It is a beautiful ancient creature from the Miocene era and it is also the largest species of shark that has ever lived on earth. Why do I say the largest? The Megalodon could easily reach a size of 18 metres and a weight of 60,000 kilos. These data place the Megalodon at the top of the food chain. It was a shark not to be messed with and not many animal species dared to do this. The shark also had teeth that could reach a length of 19 cm.

Small teeth 4-7 cm

The Megalodon was known for its large teeth. However, not all teeth were of the horror length. The Megalodon also had many smaller teeth, also large. Between 4 and 7 centimetres. In addition, the Megalodon had 5 rows of teeth of varying lengths. When you think of Megalodon teeth, you can divide them into the following 4 categories: small, medium, large and gigantic teeth. This of course makes it very interesting for collectors to have teeth of all sizes. The size of the teeth also makes the price difference, as does their weight.

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