Megalodon teeth (84)

Megalodon teeth are fossil teeth from a giant shark (2.5 million years ago). Buy your own fossil (dinosaur) tooth here and start your collection.


Megalodon teeth

The Megalodon, a prehistoric shark, was the most dominant predator that ever inhabited our oceans. Although these sharks became extinct millions of years ago, today we can still study their impressive legacy through their immense teeth. If you would like to know more about the origins of this magnificent shark species, read our blog.

At, you will find everything you need to know about Megalodon teeth, from their anatomy and function to where to find them and how to collect them.

The anatomy of Megalodon teeth

Megalodon teeth are impressive in their own right because of their size, but also because of their specific shape and structure. They are generally triangular and have a flattened base, which made them extremely effective at tearing apart prey. The teeth have a clearly visible vertical groove and fine serrations on both sides of the cutting edge, contributing to their ability to cut through bone and flesh.

All Megalodon teeth have different lengths, but some teeth could grow as long as 16 centimeters. This is about three times the size of the largest teeth of today's white shark. The huge size of the teeth is a clear indication of the strength and size of the Megalodon itself.

The function of Megalodon teeth

Megalodon teeth played a crucial role in the success of these prehistoric giants. They were perfectly adapted to catch and devour large prey such as whales. The teeth were sharp enough to cut through thick skin and bone, which was essential for the Megalodon's survival. If you are curious about how powerful the bite of a Megalodon actually was, read our blog.

The Megalodon's teeth grew in rows and were constantly replaced with new teeth during the shark's life. This constant replacement process ensured that the shark always had sharp teeth for hunting and eating.

Where can Megalodon teeth be found?

Megalodon teeth can be found in many places around the world. Divers and miners discover fossil deposits mostly along the coasts of North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The teeth are mostly found in riverbeds, on beaches or at the bottom of the ocean.

The importance of Megalodon teeth for science

Megalodon teeth are not only fascinating collectibles, but also important for science. They provide invaluable information about the lifestyle, diet and behaviour of these prehistoric giants.

Scientists can gain a better understanding of these sharks by studying their teeth. It tells them how the Megalodon adapted and evolved over millions of years. Moreover, the study of Megalodon teeth helps unravel the mysteries of the oceans of the past and offers insights into the ecological processes that shaped life on Earth.


Megalodon teeth are intriguing and fascinating fossils that give us a glimpse into the life of one of the most formidable predators that ever lived. Whether you are interested in collecting Megalodon teeth or want to know more about this magnificent beast, visit our webshop for everything about the Megalodon.

Take a leap into the wonderful world of this magnificent shark species and discover the story their teeth teach us about life on Earth millions of years ago.

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