Meg. teeth over €150 (73)

Looking for very nice, high-quality Megalodon tooth? Then take a look at our Megalodon teeth above €150 and choose your favourite....


Meg. teeth over €150

The Megalodon, the prehistoric predator that once dominated the oceans, has left us with beautiful fossils of its teeth. This is still a fascination for us to this day, and you can also see in the media that films about this great shark continue to be released. In our category of Megalodon teeth over 150 euro, we see more teeth that have gone through an outstanding and great fossilisation process and have come out beautiful again. We take a closer look at Megalodon teeth priced above 150 euros in this category.

So what are characteristics of Megalodon teeth above 150 euros?

Why are these teeth so special? What is so different about these teeth from, say, the teeth in our other category: Megalodon teeth under 150 euros?

  • The size: In this category, you will more often come across larger and more complete teeth
    come across. This includes teeth over 15 cm in size, for example.
  • The condition: These teeth are almost always in perfect condition and have well-maintained enamel, not to mention sharp edges.
  • Colour rarity: The teeth we have placed in this collection may have rarer colours. Think blue, black and red, for example.

We invest in quality and authenticity

We only work with the best divers and diggers to responsibly extract the most beautiful teeth from the ground. These suppliers have therefore been in the business for so long that it allows us to issue a COA (Certificate of Authenticity).

The stories of Megalodon teeth

Our beautiful collection of Megalodon teeth is full of stories, so each one tells its own story. For instance, it could be that the Megalodon tooth comes from a rare find or has a beautiful colour combination. But it could also be that the Megalodon tooth has had a fracture. This may have happened due to the millions of years old fossilisation process. But it could also be that these teeth were broken off during a fight or hunt.

A beautiful gift or keepsake

A Megalodon tooth from this category are the perfect gift for those who love fossils and natural history. This beautiful fossil will last for generations and could just be the spark of any collection.

How to care and maintain my Megalodon tooth

Although a Megalodon tooth has been in the ocean for millions of years and has experienced almost everything, it is still important to take good care of your Megalodon tooth. Consider, for example, not exposing it to direct sun, extreme temperatures or, of course, certain forms of pressure.


We at are proud of our diverse selection of Megalodon teeth that we can offer to anyone on any budget. Our collection of teeth over 150 euros speaks to the deep appreciation for quality, uniqueness and the incredible history of our planet.

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