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Complete Megalodon teeth (all)

We at are fascinatedby one of the most imposing and legendary creatures ever to have swum our waters. The Megalodon has left a huge and lasting impression on our planet and in our history. The most unique thing about this shark species looking at it from today's point of view is that almost nothing of the Megalodon can be found. In fact, when it comes to the fossils of the Megalodon, we can only find the teeth. This is because this basking shark consisted almost exclusively of cartilage. This naturally decays over the years.

The mysterious Megalodon

Although we can now imagine little of the nature and size of this shark, millions of years ago the Megalodon was the most feared species in the ocean. This giant ate everything in its path. It is fair to say that the Megalodon may have been the biggest hunter ever in our oceans. By big, of course, we mean not only its reputation but also its actual length. In fact, this shark could reach a length of up to 18 metres.

What makes a complete Megalodon tooth so special?

The Megalodon teeth were of course extremely large, they could even reach a size of up to 16 centimetres. With this size naturally also comes faster breakage, especially when you consider the Megalodon's hunting behaviour. This was brutal and involved a lot of violence. This could cause a tooth to break quickly. This is why a pristine Megalodon tooth is an extremely rare find. In fact, it is more common to come across a chipped Megalodon tooth. Of course, this could be due to a tooth breaking off during fights or hunts but also due to the millions of years this tooth has been in the ocean.

How do we source our teeth?

We only work with divers and miners where integrity and authenticity are paramount. After all, this is a high priority for us. These teeth are mined in a sustainable and responsible manner. In addition, our partners have been doing this for years and, thanks to them, we can offer authenticity to our customers.

The Megalodon tooth as the showpiece of any collection

Are you an avid fossil collector or someone interested in natural history? Then a Megalodon tooth and preferably a complete Megalodon tooth cannot be missing. Thanks to its imposing size and fascinating history, a Megalodon tooth is the showpiece of any collection. In addition, it is a wonderful conversation starter.

Does my Megalodon tooth need care?

In addition to its rarity, a complete Megalodon tooth is also incredibly valuable due to its age. It is therefore important to treat your Megalodon tooth with the utmost care. Therefore, choose to keep the fossil out of direct sunlight, free from dust but also from extreme temperatures and humidity. This way, your fossil will keep its value and integrity.

Buy your Megalodon tooth at

We offer only authentic and high-quality teeth and are so sure of our partners that we issue a COA, or Certificate Of Authenticity, with every tooth sold. This certificate includes length, weight, age and much more. In addition, we are always ready to answer our customers' questions.

A Megalodon tooth is an investment

Megalodon teeth have skyrocketed in value in recent years, especially complete teeth. These are becoming increasingly rare. So, when you buy a tooth from the large range of, you are not only investing in your collection, but also in a tooth whose value keeps rising.

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