Polished Opal (21)

These gemstones are known for their vibrant colours and unique patterns. Due to their special properties, Welo opals are highly sought after. Here you will find an extensive collection suitable as part of your collection.


Polished Opal

In this text, we would like to share with you our passion for Ethiopian cut opals. These opals from Ethiopia are known for their vibrant colours, ranging from bright pink to deep blue and green. Read on to learn more about this beautiful gemstone.

Why Ethiopian cut opals?

Ethiopia has been known for its opals for centuries, but the discovery of Welo opals in 2008 revolutionised the opal world. These opals have extraordinary clarity and vibrant colours that do not fade over the years. This makes them a sought-after gemstone by jewellers and collectors.

Polished opals have undergone a special treatment that brings out their colours to their best advantage. Welo opals are often cut into cabochons, meaning they have a smooth and spherical top and a flat bottom. This reflects light in a special way, giving the opal a magical look.

Different colours and patterns

One of the most striking features of cut opals are the different colours and patterns. Some opals have a vibrant mix of colours, while others have one intense colour. The most common colours are blue, green, pink and orange, but there are also opals with more unusual colours, such as purple and brown.

In addition to the colours, these opals often have unusual patterns. Some have a pattern of fire, while others resemble the inside of an oyster or have a pattern of circles and dots. Each pattern is unique and makes each opal a special gemstone.

How do opals form?

Opals are not crystals, but consist of tiny balls of silica stacked on top of each other. The special thing about opals is that they refract light in a unique way, creating colours. This is called the opalescence effect. The colour of an opal is determined by the size of the silica spheres and the way they are arranged.

Welo opals are found in the high plains of Ethiopia, where volcanic activity has taken place. Water flowing into the volcanic soil causes the formation of opals. Due to the special conditions in this region, the opals have their unique colours and patterns.

Ethiopian opals at

At, we have an extensive collection of polished opals. Our opals are carefully selected based on their colours, patterns and quality. We have opals in different sizes and shapes, from small cabochons to large gemstones that are perfect for an eye-catching pendant or ring.

Besides cut opals, we also offer rough opals, for those who want to cut and polish their own gemstones. Our rough opals come directly from Ethiopia and have the potential to become beautiful gemstones.

Our customers appreciate our expertise in gemstones and minerals. We are happy to help you find the perfect opal for your collection. With us, you can be assured of an authentic, high-quality Ethiopian opal.


Ethiopian opals are a special gemstone with vibrant colours and unique patterns. These opals have the opalescence effect, magically refracting light.

At, you will find an extensive collection of these beautiful gemstones suitable as part of your collection. Our personalised approach and expertise ensure that you are guaranteed an authentic and high-quality opal.

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