Medium-sized teeth | 8-10 cm (16)

In this category you will find the medium-sized Megalodon teeth. These teeth are a bit more common but still fantastic collectors items. These teeth add a wonderful value and story to your collection.


Medium-sized teeth | 8-10 cm

What does 'Megalodon' mean?

Megalodon' is a word with a very direct and clear meaning. It means 'Big Teeth'. The first teeth that have been found and studied date back 20 million years. A beautiful find was made of a tooth with a size of 19 cm. How monstrous does that sound! Did you also know that the Megalodon had 5 rows of teeth, above and below? Perhaps the most frightening feature of this colossus is that when a tooth breaks off or becomes loose, another tooth is immediately ready to grow in its place.

The Megalodon

The Megalodon, who does not know him? It is a species of shark from prehistoric times, which used to rule the oceans from the Miocene to the Pliocene epochs. This species of shark was so fearsomely large and strong that it was at the top of the food chain. It had no enemies and was not prey to other fish species. But then again, who would attack a shark with a length of 18 metres and a weight of up to 60,000 kilos. In addition, this shark had teeth that could reach 19 cm in length. No, you would rather not encounter this terror of the sea. The Megalodon needed a lot of food, it could apparently eat all day long.

Medium-sized teeth 8-10 cm

Although the Megalodon was known for its large teeth, this shark also has some smaller ones. Although 8-10 cm long teeth are still considerable, they were possibly the most common for the Megalodon. In the case of the Megalodon, the teeth are divided into the following categories: small, medium, large and gigantic teeth. This, of course, makes it very interesting for collectors to have teeth of all sizes. The size of the teeth of course also makes the difference in price, weight, length.

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