Large teeth | 11-13 cm (18)

In this category you will find the large Megalodon teeth. These teeth are all fantastic collectors items. These teeth add a wonderful value and story to your collection.


Large teeth | 11-13 cm

The meaning of "Megalodon

When you look up the word 'Megalodon' you get a small and very clear meaning: 'Big Teeth'. The oldest teeth of the Megalodon ever found date back to about 20 million years ago. A Megalodon tooth measuring a good 19 cm in length has been found. This, of course, is absurd. Bear in mind that the Megalodon had 5 rows of teeth of this calibre and smaller. The nice thing about the name Megalodon is that apart from the teeth, no other fossils of the Megalodon have been found. That is why it got the name Megalodon 'big teeth'. 

The Megalodon

The Megalodon, that gigantic ancient species of shark, which used to rule the ocean from the Miocene to the Pliocene era. This shark species was so strong, large and imposing that no other animal species could compete with it. This ensured that the shark had no enemies or prey of any kind. So let us be very honest. What kind of animal would throw itself on a shark that is 18 metres long, weighs between 40,000 and 60,000 kg and has teeth that can grow up to 19 cm? The Megalodon, by the way, had to keep eating. Due to its size, this fish needed tons of food per day to stay alive. Perhaps a fun fact about the Megalodon. The Megalodon had 5 rows of teeth, and when one fell out, another grew back. So the Megalodon kept changing its teeth all its life. This may make it even more terrifying.

Large teeth 11-13 cm

Although we know that the Megalodon had large teeth, the size of the Megalodon is split up into small, medium, large and gigantic teeth. This, of course, makes it very interesting for collectors to have teeth of each size. The size of the teeth also makes a difference in price, weight, length and how impressive the teeth are.

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