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Looking for a Megalodon tooth at a specific price? In this category, you can choose between teeth below €150 and Megalodon teeth above €150.

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We at are proud of our extensive collection of Megalodon teeth. In fact, we have been able to put together an extensive collection to suit all budgets and interests. When we talk about fossils, we are of course mainly talking about the Megalodon. The fearsome ruler of prehistory. The teeth we have obtained from this wondrous animal vary incredibly in size, of course, but also in condition, rarity and origin. We take a closer look at our collection in this category, so you can get a good idea about the Megalodon teeth and their corresponding price ranges.

How we determine the price of a Megalodon tooth

Before we look at the price categories of Megalodon teeth, it is of course interesting to know how the price of a Megalodon tooth is actually determined. When you price a Megalodon tooth, you look at its condition, rarity, provenance, colour and enamel.

The beginner's class

When you start your collection, you logically look at the affordable segment. By the way, these teeth are also extremely suitable to give as a gift. But why is it called a beginner's tooth? What is different about these than regular Megalodon teeth? These teeth are:

  • Smaller in size.
  • Not complete teeth or fragments.
  • Marked with wear or natural damage.

These teeth each have their own story to tell. Was the tooth broken during a fight or a hunt? What was the diet of this giant? That is the wonderful thing about these types of teeth. This, then, is why they have an extremely unique value of their own.

The middle class

These Megalodon teeth fall under a slightly more expensive segment. This is because the tooth naturally possesses an even better quality. This segment is for the collector who likes to spend a bit more for a beautiful tooth. As a rule, these teeth are known for being:

  • Often larger and more complete.
  • Have a well-preserved enamel and texture.
  • These teeth also tend to come from better-known locations.

The premium class

This is, of course, the ultimate premium segment among Megalodon teeth. This segment includes the rarest, largest and best-preserved teeth in our collection. Here you will find teeth that:

  • Often exceed 15 cm in size.
  • Are almost to perfectly preserved.
  • These teeth often come from famous deposits and can also be linked to an important scientific discovery, for example.

An invaluable investment in your future

A Megalodon tooth is not just a natural treasure, indeed, a Megalodon tooth can even be seen as an investment nowadays. Like other collectibles, for example, think of art. Indeed, these beautiful fossils can increase in value the moment scarcity increases and demand increases.


Whether you are a novice collector or a seasoned veteran, always has a suitable tooth for you. It does not matter whether it is a tooth from the beginner's class or an unforgettable showpiece for your collection.

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