How many teeth did the O. Megalodon have?

How many teeth did the O. Megalodon have?

Teeth of 19 cm... can you imagine? This giant shark had several rows of surreal teeth. Read in this interesting blog what Megalodon teeth are and how many teeth the Megalodon had.

The megalodon was a gigantic creature measuring as much as 20 metres in length. It is unknown whether the fish actually grew this large, but some believe that, given the length of its teeth, the Megalodon alone could have reached 18 metres in length! The Natural History Museum in London has differing opinions on what they think is more likely - some argue for a length of 20 metres, while others say the Megalodon could have reached 25 metres, given their analysis of skeletal remains found throughout Europe and Asia.

By comparison, modern great white sharks can be up to 6 metres long. Even bigger is the whale shark, which can reach 9.7 metres! The longest bony fish alive today - a group called "sharks" because they have no bones but their skeleton consists of cartilage rather than rigid bone tissue, as in other vertebrates - is called Regalecus glesne; this individual has been recorded to be over 11 metres long

Teeth of an O. Megalodon

The largest Megalodon tooth measures about 17cm long - almost three times longer than any other species of great white shark'. These gigantic dimensions led ancient peoples to theorise about its origin; for example, early discoveries of O. Megalodon teeth were classified under 'giant snakes'.

The impressive teeth of megalodon are found in large quantities all over the world. "Teeth of this prehistoric shark occur worldwide and were prized by fossil collectors for their varied colours, jagged edges and large size compared to other fossils, The Otodus Megalodon, like the 'modern sharks', replaced teeth throughout its life. So a Megalodon used hundreds to thousands of teeth. For this reason, many teeth are found worldwide.

So, how many teeth did the Megalodon have?

The megalodon was one of the top predators in the food chain. It feasted on other large marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, but according to the discoveries, it may even have eaten sharks! The giant shark had 276 teeth in five different rows. The largest teeth of the Megalodon were in the front.

The megalodon first attacked its prey's flippers and tail and then proceeded to slaughter it. The 276 serrated teeth in the mouth of this prehistoric fish were perfect for tearing apart flesh with ease as it swam around to feast on whale carcasses at sea.

The Megalodon is an ancient creature that lived millions of years ago in what we today call "the millennia before written history". This underwater predator had perfected its hunting techniques, which set it apart from other species - it did not target one kind of animal or one size, as many animals do today, but could eat anything in its path!

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